How to clean stain on a beige carpet?

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There are various stains on my carpet and I’d like to clean them all. The carpet is beige so I don’t want to take chances with hardcore cleaning products, if possible more natural ones or homemade tips that won’t risk discoloring the carpet.

I think some of the stains could be oil, minor burns, food. I have already vacuumed over and tried to remove them with dishsoap and a water (did not work).

What are some “conservative” approaches to attempting to cleaning these stains?



  1. Eda M says:

    try oxy clean for carpet or resolve duel action, test a small area if you worried about color, but if the stain is oil no home brew is going to get it out.

  2. frosty says:

    I use Windex on carpet stains. Spray the affected area with the Windex. Use something like a nail brush, etc, to brush through the stain brushing both ways, and blot with a dry paper towel. This has always worked very well on my light colored carpets.

  3. WaronTerror says:

    Melaleuca is an all natural substance that can take stains out of most materials. Their website is

  4. tharnpfeffa says:

    A couple drops Dawn to 1/3 cup peroxide works wonders!!!!
    I have a beige carpet and this mix took stains out that had been there for years.

    If it’s a burn I’m afraid you need to cut that.

  5. glamour04111 says:

    resolve carpet cleaner is real good

  6. sunflowerc24 says:

    First of all dont use OXYCLEAN or any other cleaners on them. As they can bleach your carpet and damage it. As far as the burn marks theres not a whole lot that you can do to them you can try taking a razor blade and cutting the fibers apart not cutting them off just cutting them apart that usually helps. If you have some stubborn stains try some club soda. The carbonation in the soda will usually bring the stains out. If nothing else call your local Chem-Dry franchise or go to Home Depot and get the Professional Strength Spot remover and grease remover by Chem-Dry. The cleaner does a fabulous job and wont damage the carpet. It also doesnt leave any soap residue to attract the dirt back to the spot after a couple of days.

    Senior/Master Carpet Technician

  7. Peachy says:

    I used to manage an apartment community and all apartments had beige carpets. We would steam clean all carpets all the time with a commercial steam cleaner or the Rug Doctor when ours was on the fritz. You can rent the Rug Doctor at Wal Mart, the grocery store, hardware store, etc. The solution you buy to use with it is gentle and works well. I use the rug doctor on my own carpets in my home. I find that it works the best at getting out the ground in dirt and stains but is gentle on the carpet, I also have light beige carpet. Dishsoap and water is not going to work on oil, minor burns are not going to come out regardless, you need to be a little more aggressive if you want a clean carpet. you are not going to hurt it.

  8. hotmama says:

    Our carpet is beige and I use vinegar and water. I also use Resolve Carpet Cleaner. Your stains sound severe compared to mine. I get minor spills and marks from the kids not removing their shoes. You might need a professional to come in and clean that. I don’t know how to remove oil stains. It may not come out. Burn marks won’t go away. You might want to buy new carpet. Maybe hardwoods this time.

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