How do I get my carpet cleaner to suck up water?

April 25th, 2011 by admin Leave a reply »

Alright. I have A Bissell, PROheat Clearview carpet cleaner. I have a leak in the house, and water has spread over the carpet. I dont want to clean it, just suck the water up. How can I get this stupid thing to suck up the water only?



  1. gilliandanielle says:

    I have a pro heat 2x, but there is a dial where you can change the concentration of the soap from normal to rinse only. Also, I always have a trigger to release soapy water and it sucks the whole time it is turned on. It won’t just suck up the water when you turn it on?

  2. M M T says:

    Shouldn’t require any changes to do that. I use mine for such things (and more) on a regular basis. Just make sure the dial is on floor cleaning and that the collection tank is empty. That’s should do it!

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